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Reedseal black cross-linked glazing tape meets requirements for AAMA 810.1 Type 1.

Reedseal has solvent-based acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive on both sides for quick tack and long-lasting adhesion.

Reedseal is very conformable and will adhere to a wide variety of surfaces, making it an excellent material to seal out air and moisture in glazing applications.

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Rubber Glazing Catalog

Part # Thickness / Width / Length Ft. Per Box List Price (per ft.)
TY04-01062B 1/16" X 3/8" X 185' 7,400 0.045
TY04-01082B 1/16" X 1/2" X 185' 5,550 0.061
TY04-02062B 1/8" X 3/8" X 75' 3,000 0.074
TY04-02082B 1/8" X 1/2" X 75' 2,250 0.095
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